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  • Omo Iyanifa
  • Diviner /Teacher
  •  Student of and Initiated Ifa Priest-tress
  • Dagara Medicine Wheel  Diviner
  • Ancestral Lineage Healing  Practitioner
  • Ritualist and Speaker​
  • Clairvoyant and Clairaudient
  • Rhema Bible Graduate

Iya Ifajube Ogunyemi
(aka: Aarinade )


 Ifajube is an ancestral honoring individual, who has learned that her people are the Bubi People in the Bioko Island (Equatorial Guinea) and the Tikar, Hausa, and Fulani people in Cameroon. She lives in S.C on the land of the indigenous Congaree People. The mother of two girls, two grandsons and 10 great-grands. Diviner, Teacher, Ritualist and gifted clairvoyant, with a passion to support others in their spiritual development. 

She's a student and an initiated Priest of Ifa, Omo of Ogun, in the lineage of Olúwo Fálolú Adésànyà Awoyadé from Òdè Rẹ́mọ. Initiated by Iyanifa Olufadeke, Co- founder of Ifa Foundation, Nana Buuken Society and Ogun priest. 
She's a Dagara Diviner Practioner through, the  training of the late Malidoma  Patrice Some' of west Africa and  a Ancestral Lineage Healing Practioner.
 To know her is to know that she is always concerned with how others are growing and maturing spiritually, especially through their challenges and how she can support them as they work to  move through them, to learn the lessons that each challenge brings to help them grow spiritually into their full potentialities.
Ifajube, is also an Animist, who recognizes that living humans are not the only kind of people in a much wider network of kinship. These others include our human ancestors, the big spirits of animals and plants, mountains and metals, fire and water, microorganisms, wind and weather, deities of many regions and temperaments, star people, nature spirits etc...
To facilitate confidence in others, she helps them in understanding that the spirit world is a living and active place, that even though there's forces, who are not so kind, we do have a host of  benevolent spiritual super-powers who are, that love and support us, like our Egbe family and an Ancestor Guardian that  came with us at birth. They are present at all times to guide, teach, protect  and encourage us. They are here to support our Ori as our main guidance in our daily lives, as we seek to find and develop our own gifts and talents.
 An intuitive See-'er'  from childhood. She uses her intuitive skills, training , and  spiritual experiences of  40 plus years to guide her in her work and as a  ritualist. She also teaches Universal Principles for successful living and the Oneness" of all things.
She stresses the fact that each person has to take complete responsibility for their own actions and spiritual development, as they are also preparing themselves to serve and support others in their healing processes as well, "To birth the Genius from within". (Quote: Malidoma P. Some')
Having gone through her own inner healing of abuses, her main focus is on helping others heal and move through their challenges, re-claim their birthright and power, as fragmentation of the Divine Creator, as well human beings here to fulfill their destiny and support spiritual evolution in their home, communities and the world. 
Out of this fundamental  need  she created, "Creative Transformation".  A system of organized teachings to give some basic understanding about who you really are, the various phases of spiritual development, and how to be in alignment with each phase, so that you continue to grow at the proper rate in your current situation and life. It's important to learn that you can't fight against your processes to get to where you want to be but we must be guided there though time and conscious development. This and so much more is taught in this series of teachings , so keep your eyes open coming your way soon.
She has divine experiences and a history of 25 years in Christianity, until an wakening that helped her see the deeper wisdoms of Spirituality. Now, she's able to assist those who are experiencing this awaking also. She teaches the difference between religion and true spirituality.
IFAjube is a research student constantly growing in divine revelations and knowledge. It's been over 44 years now since this awaking and I'm so grateful for each experience that has brought me into this deeper wisdoms, of the Divine Spirit of the Universe..
Having over four decades of personal healing, spiritual growth and development with multiple educational certifications. What she values the most  is her experiences with this Universal Source and other Spiritual Powers who has supported and carried her through it all. What qualifies her to work on an international level is the universal wisdom and knowledge, gained from each  experience and lessons learned. 
 Other accomplishments and interest includes:
Akashic Records Certified
Associates Degree in Theology
Certified Reiki Master 
Soul Retrieval
Pass Life Regression
Remote Viewing
Iya Ifajube is also available for workshops & speaking engagements!  
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