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 Ancestral Lineage Healing 

To forget one's ancestors is to be a brook
without a source, a tree without it's roots
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 What is Ancestral Lineage Healing?

Ancestral lineage healing is a meditative technique and method created by Dr. Daniel Foor, intended to bring one into a direct relationship with one’s own ancestral family, for the healing of one’s four basic family blood lines.

This technique provides a thorough and effective step-by-step approach not only to support ancestral healing, but your healing, your family, those who are yet to be born, and the healing of  cultural and historical troubles.

 Once lines have been made well, they are harmonized into a community of supportive ancestors who will be able to continue supporting you and the family in thematic ways in your daily lives.

You will want to continue to deepen this relationship so that you become comfortable in relating to them as they will become family to you.


This approach to ancestor reverence and ritual emphasizes psychological and ritual safety. 

The technique is universal and complimentary to whatever ancestral work  or healing modality you are currently using. Your relationship with  animism will  also deepen, those other than human spirit guides and helpers, who are always supporting you, even when we are not aware of their presence.

You may ask what are the requirement to participate?
There are four basic needs to be aware of in order to be open to the ritual work.
  • There is a continuation of consciousness after death.
  • Not all dead are equally well.
  • The living and the dead can communicate.
  • The living and the dead can influence each other.
I have benefited greatly from this work in sooo... many ways, so I  decided to become a Practitioner.
One of the many  beautiful things  that I love about this system is there’s no need for a spiritual calling, specific belief system, or prior experience with the ancestors to participate. Just enter into it with an open mind and heart ready to experience something fresh and healing.
No matter your ethnicity or gender we all have Ancestors, well ones and not so well ones that can benefit  greatly from this methodology approach.
I'm so excited about offering you this opportunity to  experience this  healing work, for you and your people/family. 

 Ancestral Lineage Healing 

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Lekiara C.
I’m so great full to Aarinade for starting me on such a powerful journey. There is no room for fear. No room for doubt or self pity. Do the work. Make the change and live as your authentic self! That was the message I received from my very first session. I challenge others to dive deep within and explore what was and what will always be if you only accept it.
Miwa Robbins
The opportunity to do ancestor work with  Aarinade as my guide was an honor and a privilege. She has a wonderful loving, gentle, and grounded presence, and is a clear channel. I honestly had no idea what to expect when I met Aarinade  through a serendipitous connection and decided to do the ancestor healing process with her. But now I feel my connection with my ancestors much stronger, and I feel I have a tool I can use going forward to connect in with them whenever I need. 
I love this work because, while Aarinade is your guide, showing you the process and creating the container, the information that comes through was all mine. I never felt that I was giving my power away or that Aarinade was healing my ancestors for me. Instead, I was doing the work, deepening my connection to them, and she was just being my cheerleader and giving me a process I could use. You will get as much as you give to this work. But if you show up with sincerity and openness the ancestors will begin to speak to you and it will be an amazing journey. 
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