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Divining The Soul



What do I mean by Divining the Soul?

 It's when using various technology systems to do what we call Divination, also called "Readings" it's about discovering the hidden knowledge of the Soul by the use of these systems and technologies, for our life's journey and daily lives. Your Ori carries your life plan or the map for your life that you  were born into the world  with , to  help you  find and fulfill your destiny.

Your  Ori  is  your  Soul. 

You  were  born  with  a  map ! 

As we travel life's journey, I guess we all want to know sometimes, something or anything that's going to help us move through  life with a little more ease and confidence. This is when getting a  divination/reading can be most helpful

 People seek reading for  several reasons. These are some of the reasons:

  • Some like to get them done on their birthdays, for the year ahead.

  •  Check in to see if they are in alignment with your destiny/Ori 

  • Current challenges or situations

  • To learn who is their head  Orisha or Guardian Ancestor

  • To find out who your Egbe Family is

  • Renaming etc...

Whatever  the reason, it is to help you find the deeper wisdoms of your soul, insights to help you make clearer  and wiser choices  for your life.

Readings are not witchcraft or for fortune telling as many suppose.

The Dagara Divination system that I currently use was brought to the west by the late Malidoma Patrice Some' it's an Earth honoring technology, connecting you with your own inner guidance, the Ancestors, the elements and elementals, and other-than humans in the spirit world who are powerful, kind forces that are here to support our spiritual development, to support our healing process and fulfill our destiny. In this system if an unbalance comes up, a prescription will be given to help restore balance within yourself. This is done by ritual work if one is needed.

As a Diviner my first priority is to make sure you are not depending on readings more or over your own intuition for to long or often . There are seasons when we may need them more often than not. However, If you are growing consciously  the way you should, than reading are a good source and support to help you gain a bit more clarity during those times. Creatively transforming your life  in a conscious intentional way should be your foundational focus, to support you in your spiritual development. As a Diviner I expect people to come to me for information that acts more like a confirmation, at least for what they're already having a sense of, that their inner guidance is trying to get them to pay attention to.

If ever I sense a person is not doing their inner work, I will reference them to my foundational course, Creative Transformation, to help them find their own inner self/guidance, to  support them in their  conscious spiritual growth process, or  I may deny the reading at that time. I care about people's spiritual growth as a priority and will not do anything that would hinder you in anyway. This is not good character on my behalf. 

When it comes to what I offer in my services, my gifts have called me and I serve them with respect in service to you.

All work is done with complete confidentiality.

Energy exchange is : $125.00


Dagara Divination
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Coming, Stay Tuned!!!

"Ifa Divinations"


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A Yoruba method known as Ifa.Using several tools  to access hidden knowledge about your daily life  and your destiny. You  are seeking alignment with your destiny and the best decision for  your highest good . Each Odu are portals to deeper wisdoms to bring forth clarity of mind and instructions for your life. Which also include offering to an Orisha as the Odu calls for.


Divinations  provides you with a greater knowledge of self, utilizes various tools and ritual to assist you with actualizing and manifesting  whatever the Odu of Orunmila speaks concerning the situation you are inquiring about.